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Transform your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing at our retreats, set in stunning destinations.


“A perfect combination of learning new things, visiting picturesque Italian hill towns, improving your Pilates practice, enjoying great food & wine, and relaxing - all with a small group of congenial new friends.”

- Lisa R.

About Conscious Strong Retreats

Many of you already feel the urge for inner transformation and growth. You’re looking for ways to become more conscious in your choices, more empowered in how you approach life, and nudging and shifting your life in a direction that is in more authentic alignment with what you desire life to be.

But at times, life can feel like a seesaw balancing act, teetering between the life you've known and the life you want to experience. And it can be hard to find time to pause, take a breath, and reconnect with your most true self and inner desires or steady the seesaw. Sometimes we convince ourselves that our self-care and personal development routine is "good enough." It gets us by from one day to the next. But when you compound "just getting by" over time, you start to lose the momentum of energy you first felt when you really began to look inward and began taking care of your desires, wants, and needs through personal development and spiritual growth. 

With all the complexities of the fast moving world we live in—who has time to check in with themselves?!  

It's with you in mind that we’ve designed these retreats. Imagine how your life, health & wellness might be different if you allowed yourself to receive the space you need to clear your mind, reconnect to your whole self, and practice a little self care. 

Why our guests love Conscious Strong Retreats

  • Reconnect to your highest self. Gain the space you need to practice and connect more deeply and directly to your highest form of being.
  • Expand mindfulness practices. Live, communicate, and relate with greater presence, connection, compassion, and discernment.
  • Achieve inner balance for outer balance. Connect to the peace and joy within that brings our inner life into balance, allowing our decisions and actions to carry out into the world from this place.
  • Raise your capacity for impact. As you grow, deepen, and expand, so does your ability to powerfully impact those we care for and support.
  • Reconnect and align with your purpose. Strengthen and deepen the connection you have to your sense of purpose, knowing, and contribution.

Meet Your Hosts

Lauren will support and guide you to reclaiming your movement through your lens of living, helping you to restore your relationship with your body, mind and soul.

Lauren McLaughlin

Lauren McLaughlin is the Founder of Conscious Strong and  of Conscious7™ Coaching.  Having been a master-certified Pilates instructor for the past sixteen years and the owner of an award-winning North Carolina wellness studio, Lauren has had the pleasure and experience to witness life transformations in her clients.

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